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No Dirty Marketing Tactics

Only customers do all the marketing.

How we get Proxies

We offer several free services in exchange of users' IPs only for 100% legal purposes.

Why Static Residentials are Precious?

Because they are simply home computers and no-rotation ensures no-redflags.

1:1 contention ratio

Unlike others who sell same proxy to 100s of users, we never oversell.

Unmatched Pricing

Big Player or Small

We have proxies for Everyone with plans starting from as low as just 1 proxy.

Static Residential Proxies

We assign a fixed home connection to your account. By Carefully examining the history of that particular connection, we ensure that the connection is always available for long term. Rarely one can go permanently offline, in that case we replace with another from same ISP and close proximity, so that switch is seamless.
For Social Media$15/month
For Any other$25/month

Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Proxy.
All Plans come with Unlimited Data.
All Proxies are 100% Residential.
For Special site proxies,All other websites will be banned.
Payment Modes : All Cryptocurrencies, Skrill, Paypal,Wire transfer
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5 Hour 1 proxy trial is free for everyone.

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